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Predictable and Transparent

After the first meeting, a letter of engagement and fee agreement will be proposed. You will not be charged for the first appointment, should you hire the firm. 

The fee proposal that will be made to you can take three forms:  


When possible to access the time necessary to the proper treatment of your case, the Firm can offer you a flat fee covering all the work necessary to the successful completion of the work. This method of invoicing will be applied mainly for corporate law matters.


Billing by time spent can also be offered to you, so the time spent in meetings, studying your case, drafting deeds, pleadings, and more generally monitoring your case will be billed to you by the hour, applying the usual hourly rate of the lawyer intervening on your case. This method of invoicing is carried out in complete transparency, the invoices are accompanied by detailed time sheets.


In some cases, the Firm may be required to invoice a performance fee, ie a predefined percentage of the sums recovered by the client. This fee is always accompanied by a flat fee, as required by the French Code of Ethics. 

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